Z4 Zebrawood - Handmade Wooden Grado Cups

Now with pre-installed 3.5mm connectors and brass bushings for gimbal pins!


These handmade Grado cups have been crafted from a single block of a beautiful Zebrawood (Zebrano) and fitted with a powder coated steel mesh.

Z4 is a 4th iteration of our popular Z-style cups that are inspired by classic Grado RS-series,  and comes with a set of improvements including high quality japanese 3.5mm connectors by Marushin, brass bushings for gimbal pins and powder coated steel mesh.
9 out of our 10 customers asked us to install the connectors in the cups, so we decided to offer these as standard now. Brass bushings offer a tight socket for gimbal pins and prevents them from going inside the cup too much and damaging the wood. IMPORTANT: for best fit use these cups with our aluminum gimbals, we can't guarantee the compatibility with plastic gimbal pins.

Precise CNC machining ensures they are both precisely made to fit Grado (and Alessandro) drivers with 40 mm membranes (more on that below) and look very beautiful and unique.

They have been hand sanded, polished, and finished off by hand rubbing 3 layers of oil that enhances the visibility of the wood grain and gives them a rich color with a subtle iridescence effect without too much gloss.

Thanks to the carefully selected wood they will last you a lifetime. The driver socket is ~46 mm in diameter, so these cups will fit tightly with all Grado drivers with 40 mm membranes, both stock and custom (such drivers have a 46 mm outer diameter) and cushion types for these to produce a beautiful sound.

It is a 100% made in EU product. To ensure highest quality those cups are crafted entirely in our workshop, checked and tested for couple of days before we ship them to a lucky buyer – because of that it takes around a week for us to prepare and send them after the order is made.

Please note that even though we only use preselected wood to ensure durability and perfect sound, no two pieces are the same and not without tiny imperfections – tiny dents and knots might be visible, but that is the nature and beauty of wood, making no two pairs of cups soullessly the same.


IMPORTANT NOTICE 1: The exact pair of cups seen in the pictures is just one of few made in this batch, you might get a slightly different looking pair made from the same block of wood.

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: Please also note that the cups might be presented on the pictures together with Grado drivers, earpads, cable, and a headband, but you are obviously only ordering and paying for one pair of cups, the rest is not included! :)

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Z4 Zebrawood - Wooden Grado Cups