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Hardened spring steel inner band for Grado


Say hello to Bruce Spring Steel! :) This band is cut from high quality spring steel that was bent and hardened to be as close to stock Grado steel bands as possible.


All dimensions are virtually the same as in the stock part and it is fully compatible with all Grado headbands and rodblocks.


Each spring steel band is hand sanded after the hardening to make sure its surface and edges are smooth.

Thanks to the hardening process it is very springy and keeps the “memory” of its shape, but clamping force can be adjusted to user’s needs by bending it firmly in either way to reduce or increase it.


It has a hole on each end, like the stock band, and thanks to that user can screw it tightly to our aluminum rodblocks, making sure it won’t move or fall out.


It can be bought separately here, or in bundle with our aluminum sets, rodblocks or leather headbands – price for it in bundle is lower.


It is a 100% made in EU product. To ensure highest quality those parts are crafted entirely in my workshop, checked and tested for couple of days before I ship them to a lucky buyer to make sure it goes through the headband (both plastic and leather ones) and fits inside the rodblocks (again, both stock plastic and aluminum ones) – because of that it takes around a week for me to prepare and send them after the order is made. Please do bear in mind that even though we do our best and improve our methods and products with every batch, this is still a DIY product done in a home workshop, given that each set of parts is slightly different (almost exclusively in terms of looks) and subject to very minor imperfections (like tiny scratches or dents, mostly in hardly visible spots). We take customer satisfaction very seriously, so if there's ever anything (and I mean anything) you'd like to talk about regarding your purchase, we'll be very happy to help.


Please also note that even though set may be presented on the pictures together with other parts, i.e. cups, headbands, and rodblocks and gimbals, you’re obviously buying only the spring steel band, the rest is not included! :)


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Spring steel band


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