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shipibo.audio Earpads


Comfortable headphone earpads made from open cell memory foam covered with the acoustically transparent fabric. They are compatible with all Grado headphones and almost all custom wooden cups made for Grado mods.


5 years in development, these earpads are fruit of countless hours of experiments with shapes, dimensions, materials, material combinations and manufacturing techniques. Chosen from over 30 other variants, these earpads reproduce Grado signature sound well while adding a lot of comfort.


They were designed with the aim to reproduce original Grado L-cush sound as closely as possible, but they still don’t sound identical. Compared to L-cush, shipibo.audio Earpads have a slight bump in the lows – between 1 and 2 dB from around 80 Hz to around 250 Hz, and a noticeable dip in the mids – between 3 and 4 dB from around 2 kHz to around 3.5 kHz. These changes can be heard, but they don’t take away the famous Grado sound signature away from the headphones. They also push the driver away from the ear slightly offering plenty of air and separation.


The materials were chosen for performance, but also for comfort. Thick open cell PU memory foam with larger dimensions in stock L-cush allows the earpads to rest mostly on the head instead of the ears and improving comfort of use greatly. The acoustically transparent fabric was chosen mostly for its acoustic properties, but it is also much nicer to touch compared to bare foam. Earpads are sewn with double stitching and additionally secured for extra durability.


As mentioned above the earpads are compatible with all Grado headphones (not sure about GW100 though!) and almost all custom made cups for Grado clones and mods.


To ensure the highest quality of craft, it is done entirely by me, and all materials I use to make them are sourced locally, so you'll get a 100% "made in EU" product.


Please note that o it can take up to two weeks to make and ship it to you after your purchase (usually it's 3-4 days), because I run quality control and tests directly before shipping. Please also do bear in mind that even though we do our best and improve our methods and products with every batch, this is still a DIY product done in a home workshop, given that each pair of earpads is slightly different (almost exclusively in terms of looks) and subject to very minor imperfections. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, so if there's ever anything (and I mean anything) you'd like to talk about regarding your purchase, we'll be very happy to help.


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shipibo.audio Earpads


If you're in Canada or USA I recommend Global express shipping option since USPS and Canada Post turned off tracking international registered mail from Poland for customers for some reason, they still track it internally, so parcels don't get lost, but they can take up to 6 weeks to be delivered, while global express is fully tracked and takes less than 2 weeks to reach USA or Canada.