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Anaconda - custom 8 strand headphone cable - black


Anaconda is an aquatic constrictor snake, one of the largest in the world, and is native to South America. It is also the name of our 8 strand custom headphone cable braided in 4x2 geometry.


This custom headphone cable has been handmade from a high-quality OFC industrial-grade wire in black nylon multifilament sleeve, terminated with high quality connectors of your choice.


This 8 strand cable with added smoothness, and rich, smooth sound is really a great choice, thick, but softer than you think. Best for home listening sessions.


With our cables we aim to achieve three main goals.


True to the source sound with a little bit of smoothness and euphony, to make your listening session a real pleasure.

Our cables are smooth and nice to touch, and that makes them really comfy and minimizes the microphonic effect as well.

Lastly, we make them aesthetically pleasing, with high quality nylon sleeving, our custom wooden splitters, and high quality connectors.


To achieve the above we use 8 strands of 26 AWG, high purity OFC wire conductor designed for telecommunication industry covered with nylon multifilament sleeve and then braided together in 4x2 geometry.


Cable is braided in a way that doesn't stiffen it up, allowing for maximum listening comfort. On top of that braiding minimizes electromagnetic interference, acting as a shield, plus, it looks awesome.


To make sure our cables also look good we equip them with unique wooden and aluminum splitters that we handcraft ourselves in our workshop from exotic woods or high quality aluminum alloy.


We use following amplifier connectors:

3,5 mm TRS jack with carbon fiber shell

6,3 mm jack – Neutrik

4-pin XLR - Neutrik

Balanced 3,5 mm trrs

Balanced 2,5 mm trrs


And following headphone connectors:

3,5 mm mini-jack

2,5 mm micro-jack

mini XLR

Sennheiser HD800

Sennheiser - HD6XX


Of course, we can do any termination you want, feel free to ask for custom options.


IMPORTANT - our cables are made to order and it might take us up to 3 weeks from the date of the order to make and ship it. Please bear that in mind when ordering.


Full cable specifications

Conductor: 26 AWG OFC litz wire in PVC insulation

Geometry: 4x2 (8 strand) Sleeve: 4 mm black nylon multifilament by techflex

Splitter: handcrafted from exotic wood or aluminum

Amp connector: selected from the list above

Headphone connectors: selected from the list above

Length: 150, 200, 250 or 300cm, or fine-trimmed to your liking.


Please note that the cable on the photos is just an example for presentation purposes, looks of the ordered cable will vary depending on chosen plugs/connectors.


Anaconda - custom 8 strand headphone cable - black